What is Data Collection?

Data powers every aspect of our lives, and the ability to understand how data is collected and analyzed is a building block of career success. Whether you are seeking to start a new career in quality inspection or if you are simply interested in the process of seeking the facts, understanding data collection is a pathway to continuous career growth.

The Best Lesson Learned By Data Collection

In the early 1990's, vehicle chips and scratches were the number one warranty concern. My professional task was to investigate how we could reduce warranty costs and mitigate the things gone wrong (TGW) associated with chip and scratch quality concerns.

My team and I collected (warranty) data and grouped the information into the following categories: vehicle type, vehicle color, vehicle quadrant (or location), concern type, and demographic region.

After collecting and analyzing the data, it became clear that chip and scratch concerns were most likely to occur on the rear bumper. We determined that these issues most often surfaced in spring when car owners would discover damage from winter weather. Bumpers were also impacted by the everyday wear and tear of moving items in and out of the trunk.

The collection and analysis of this information allowed us to make data-led decisions to improve TGW and reduce warranty costs.

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