About This Course

We live and work in a diverse world where individuals have a mix of ideas, cultures, religions, beliefs, geographical backgrounds, races, and economic statuses. In this course we will explore these differences to understand the positive impact diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) can have on both the company and the individual. We will provide insights into the steps needed as an individual in the organization to accept, respect, and value DEI in the workplace.

Understanding Social Identity

Examples of social identities are race/ethnicity, gender, social class/socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, (dis)abilities, and religion/religious beliefs. 

The Impact of Microagression Statements

Did you know racial microaggressions impacts mental health? According to Pfizer research, racism and discrimination contribute to poor health among minorities and people of color, resulting in increased rates of depression, prolonged stress and trauma, anxiety, even heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Plan for Personal Diversity Work

Take our self-assessment. The works starts internally with each individual then flows outward to reach one, teach one by modeling a behavior of acceptance and respect.

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