About This Course

We've all struggled with moments of doubt, negative self-talk, and sabotaging behaviors. While those feelings are universal, the ability to manage the chatter in your head and find opportunities for growth can become your superpower. Learn how to eliminate self-defeating behavior in the workplace and use challenging moments to build success.

Understand Personal Success

Success has a different meaning for everyone. Learn how to uncover what this means to you, and how to create a plan to reach your personal goals in the workplace.

Identify Your Behaviors

Entering a new workplace is an opportunity to present your best self. Learn how to identify the behaviors that have held you back in the past, and start demonstrating the attitudes you want to project.

Accept Setbacks and Move On

Setbacks are inevitable, but with the right insight, you can avoid paying the price for self-defeating behavior. When you gain the skills to help you manage yourself you'll learn how to not only keep a job but how to experience real career growth.

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