This Is An Exciting Time to Commit To A Career in Quality Control

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Quality inspection job opportunities are expected to rise over the coming decade (2028)? Based on the 2019 US labor statistics, manufacturing quality control inspectors jobs will need to be filled due to baby boomers retiring or leave the occupation for other reasons.

Now is the time to invest in getting into the field of manufacturing quality control...Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

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GSHA Quality Academy

Our Story

GSHA Quality Academy is an online school. We offer a fast, practical, and easy approach to enter into a career in manufacturing quality control. Our courses are led by industry professionals with 20+ years in Quality Control.

GSHA Quality Academy was founded in 2009 by Shelia M. Harden, after 25+ years in quality management and supplier development at some of the top fortune 500 companies. She has trained, coached, and mentored individuals in quality management on 5 continents. Her education and training reflects a hunger for excellence. Her commitment to community and fighting for the underdog reflects a grace driven humility. But her promise to leave people and places with the capacity to continue the work in Quality Control speaks volumes about her integrity.

Edward Euser

Plant Manager at Valéron Strength Films - An ITW Company


Endorsement for

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Six Sigma
Raymond Poirier

PM/BA/Agile Coach

Endorsement for:

  • Quality Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

Yan Sun

Quality Assurance Analyst at Bombardier Aerospace
Montreal, Canada Area

Endorsement for:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Advance Quality Planning (AQP)
  • Design Failue Mode Effect Analysis (DFMEA)

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