Quality Manufacturing Training Program (QMTP)

Preparing You For A Career in Quality Control

Who We Are

GSHA Quality Services is a workforce development training and staffing services firm offering online quality control manufacturing training, job placement, and work life mentoring.

Why We Do It:

GSHA was started by CEO, Shelia Harden. At an early age and into her career in engineering, she watched and listen to people and businesses struggle with having the "right" skills and given the opportunity to advance forward. She founded GSHA based on....

1) A skill for dicing & slicing data into smaller groups or views so the data actually speaks off the page yielding more (analysis) information. Note: She has helped 100’s of company around the globe improve their quality performance using this technique, and

2) A life passion to help open the doors of opportunity for others seeking to grow forward through the sharing of her knowledge and skills with mentoring, training, and coaching. At GSHA, we strive to better the lives of both the individual and the business with our innovative training programs, analytical tools, and mentoring/coaching services for continuous improvement and growth.

How We Do It:

GSHA understand that success at work is determined by more than just technical ability. We offer

·     Short, practical, courses (1-to-2-hour in duration, segmented into 2 -5minute videos)

·     Courses taught by industry experts with 20+ yrs. experience

·     Core (QMTP) curriculum focus on the “whole” person (technical & self-mastery skills)

·     Downloadable forms & reference materials

·     Pre-test study guide and quizzes

·     Individual Course Certificate

·     Job placement versatility for entry level position in Quality Control Inspection or production assembly.

·     Advance curriculum (Lean, Six Sigma, APQP, supervision certifications) for career pathway advancement

·     Mentoring/Coaching weekly for 1 – 3 months by both peer & industry leader

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Determine if a career in quality control is right for you, take our career assessment course for Free by signing up as a member, then clicking Here. GSHA is a proprietary school licensed by the State of Michigan department of Labor and Economic Opportunity Workforce Development - Post Secondary Schools. Individuals enrolling in the program may be eligible for government funding for the training. More details available on the click here site. If you are needing to obtain your GED prior to enrolling in the QMTP Program, click Here.